Marisol Salinas is a choreographer, a performer and a Skinner Releasing Technique™ certified teacher, original from El Salvador and currently residing in Paraguay.

During her two decades of work in dance, she studied ballet and modern dance techniques in El Salvador and Paraguay, and Skinner Releasing Technique™ in the US and Great Britain.

In 2004 she was certified as a teacher in this technique in Seattle, WA, in the program directed by its creator, Joan Skinner.

She was co-founder and co-director of Cuerpo Presente, a Paraguayan dance company in which she created feature-length pieces like “Amarillo Sur” (1995) and “Verde que te quiero verde” (1997). For “Nocturnos”, a Cuerpo Presente production, she created and performed “Visita Repetida”, a solo piece in the line on dance-theatre.

In Paraguay, she has also performed as a guest dancer with Ballet Nacional of Paraguay, Espacio 3, Compañía de Danza Mary Carmen Niella and Teatro del Eclipse. In El Salvador she was a member of Ballet de El Salvador and Evolución Danza Contemporánea.

She is currently a solo performer and a teacher at the Dance Department of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in Asunción, Paraguay, where she teaches dance composition and choreography. At the same time, she is a choreographer for the Youth Company at the Bellas Artes institute.

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